Monday, 28 May 2018

Making a New Flower Bed

This is a flower on an old bush rose which I inherited with a small parcel of land across from my house.  It was in a poor state, but I pruned it and it picked up a bit.  It was overshadowed by a lot of trees but all that changed a few years ago when the trees were removed to put a temporary bridge in place while the old bridge was rebuilt.

Here is the bridge, the rose is just out of shot to the left.

One year ago the temporary bridge was removed, trees are not possible here now due to the concrete foundations left behind which you can see here.  They cleaned it up, rebuilt the river wall and filled it with soil.

So I set about replanting, replacing plants which I had moved out into pots during the work, supplemented by bulbs and some donations from neighbours.  The surprise was how well the rose did once the trees were removed.  It got rather overgrown by weeds during the works and I did very little other than remove dead stems.  But this year it has quadrupled in size, surprisingly, and is covered in flower buds.

This is a shot of the replanted bed.  Along with the rose, other plants I moved in here have done surprisingly well.  The bed gets a lot of sun in the summer and most plants seem to love it.

However, the soil is not great.  It was builders soil and so had no worms or life in it.  I have introduced worms with the relocated plants so I hope they will work hard this year.  During the winter the soil got very wet, but now it has baked hard and there has also been some settling in the hole.  So I intend to bring in more soil over the summer.  I will post updates on progress this year.

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