Thursday, 31 March 2016

Potato Day

The temperatures are slowly picking up and with a fine day it's time to start potato planting.  Two sets of seed potatoes were ready to go in - Cara and Charlotte.  Cara is an old favourite, blight resistant (essential here) and fairly slug resistant too.  Unlike Cara, Charlotte is an early potato and it's some years since I've grown it. 

I'm not sure how the Charlotte will do, but hope we will have some nice early potatoes for salad.  I have dug the trenches across the slope to  prevent soil washing downhill in the rain.  I still have the Desiree to plant, but need to do a little more soil preparation before I do that.

In the foreground of this picture are some rhubarb plants - I split my older plants in January and most of the pieces have taken well.  I love rhubarb so having more plants is a must.
 Oh, and the woody stems at the back are artichokes.  They don't stay where I put them but wander about the plot so I leave the stems at the end of the year so I know where they are currently.  They actually started in the bed behind, moved next door briefly but vacated both those beds a year or two ago.  Weird!
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