Sunday, 13 March 2016


I planted a loganberry 10 years ago and it did nothing until a couple of years ago when it suddenly started to put out fruiting shoots.  Last year it produced a small quantity of fruit so I really need to tie it up properly so I get better quality fruit.  It is bordered on one side by a tree and surrounded by autumn fruiting raspberries so the plan is to get the shoots as high as possible against the wall, that way it will get the warmth from the wall and be above most of the raspberry growth while fruiting.

So today I started by cutting down most of the raspberries and wild brambles (a constant pain here, can't get rid of them) to make space.  It's impossible to get stakes into the ground due to old and current tree roots so I used bamboo to make a framework.  Then I cut out last year's fruited shoots and tied in the new shoots (it fruits on last year's growth) horizontally.  Looking forward to these fruits in the summer, they are very good stewed as they don't disintegrate like raspberries in the cooking but still have their sweetness.
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