Sunday, 20 March 2016


With a decrease in rain and an increase in sun, spring flowers are starting to appear.  These crocuses are at their best right now.
 So time to get gardening, starting with the bramble on the vegetable plot.  Brambles are the muggers of the plant world, they creep up from behind when you're not looking and suddenly you're surrounded.  While pruning the raspberries and loganberries, I've been removing brambles, this is just one pile of them.  A prickly hard job but long overdue.
 Earlier this year I split some rhubarb plants which had become a bit crowded.  Most of the pieces have taken well, with some leaves starting to show now.  I won't pick any of these stems this year, just leave them to grow on and settle in.
This plant is called Good King Henry and was a surprise arrival last year.  I had a plant of this years ago but it disappeared.  Last year I noticed it had germinated among the peas so I left it to grow on and today moved it to a new position.  It's an old salad plant, the young leaves are very  tasty and full of iron, minerals and vitamins so I hope to be harvesting the leaves for early salad.
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