Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Replanting after the flood

About half my pots were swept away completely by the river in the December 26 floods. Most of the big pots survived,  though travelled in two directions, about 50m.  I lost my himalayan poppy,  which is a shame but more importantly i lost all my daffodils.  So today i bought a few to cheer up the front door.

One extraordinary survival was a green pot containing a peony and some grape hyacinth. The pot was trashed,  when i found it the rim was gone,  it was cracked and badly scuffed as can be seen from the photo yet the contents were intact.

In the same way the snowdrop and crocus troughs travelled a long way but survived with just a little topsoil lost.  After all the devastation it's good to see life returning.

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