Sunday, 20 September 2015

Katy Apples

I picked the Katy Apples today, later than normal.  Everything is late this year, but strangely the Worcester Pearmain Apples were ready before them and picked last week. Some of the Katy apples were reluctant to leave the tree, needing a little encouragement.

Normally you know an apple is ready when you lift it by 90 degrees and the stalk detaches from the tree. But this year they have been hanging on, even though the fruits are fully ripe.  But with increasing fallers, I had to pick them. Strangely, some apples have stalks where the inside was dry and detaching but the outer surface was still live, so they stayed attached until a gust of wind came along. Never seen that before.  But a good crop, half a sack full of lovely red fruit.

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