Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Arley Hall and Gardens Revisited

 The characteristic of a great garden is that you can go back at a different time of the year and see different things.  We visited Arley Hall towards the end of May and this week went back.  The original post is here and I have taken a couple of pictures of the same areas so the differences are clear.  This first photo is of some hydrangeas in an area which was uninteresting in May, it is just on the other side of the wall from this:
 In May this garden was flat and sparse, with classy white tulips in the centre, but now it has pushed up and out.  Some of the roses had already finished, but the borders now partly cover the paths, the colour scheme now purples and pinks.
 In May this border was straggly and uneven, with the spring flowers finishing but now it looks luscious, with floaty cosmos flowers, my favourites.
 In May the long herbaceous border was green and dominated by the topiary (picture on the other post) but now the topiary is largely hidden.  It is a complete mix of colours and textures.
 There's something for everyone here, I think this was my favourite combination of plants and colours.  Handily, they have put a photo identification of plants by month in the seating area so if you see a particular plant you like you can check the name on the photos.  This border is very long and very spectacular.
 We had missed most of the shrub roses, but clever planting means that even in an area where the main event is finished, there is always something interesting to see.
Finally a few waterlilies, I love these and see them so rarely it's nice to get a photo.

We do hope to go back to Arley Hall in the autumn to see the changes.
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