Sunday, 5 July 2015

Roses and Late Vegetables

 Despite the long, cold spring, flowers are finally blooming.  This is purple toadflax, it's a wildflower which made its way into my pot plants a few years ago.  Rather spectacular for a wildflower, I let a few seedlings through each year to provide these showy flower spikes.
 The roses has finally started.  This is the old bush rose outside which is having a spectacular year.  It has benefitted from the removal of a very large tree nearby for construction of a temporary bridge you can just see in the background, to facilitate repair of the old bridge.  It has more water, light and air now and clearly appreciates it.
 My New Dawn rose is finally flowering, a full 2 weeks later than last year.
 And the peony is also contributing.
 2015 has been the year of the polytunnel/cloche.  This was the picture a little over a week ago, with cool days and colder nights I have kept plants under here far later than normal.  All the vegetables are late this year.
 I would normally have started harvesting these Desiree potatoes by now, but they're not ready yet.
 The Salad Bowl lettuce has come good just as the warm weather arrives, so that was good timing.
 The beetroot is doing well in a rather dry bed under a tree.  There is a fine balance here - it appreciates the dryness but if it is dry too long I do have to water.  But we look to be getting a good crop here, with the second sowing doing well.
 Lots of strawberries but again a couple of weeks late.
 Broad beans are coming on but also late, I saw a field of these nearby which are also in the same state, so even commercial farmers have struggled this year.
The peas are now doing well but the second sowing are practically the same size as the first sowing, so planting early seems to have been pointless!
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