Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Spring 2015 finally arrives!

 In the last couple of weeks we have gone straight from winter to spring almost overnight.
 On the vegetable plot there has been much digging to do, above is an example of my heavy clay soil - you can see the clods of orangey clay in there.  I have three beds like this, they are at the bottom of a slope so prone to getting very wet, and we have had wet summers recently.  In autumn I piled manure and compost on these beds to improve them, this has rotted down over winter and I've now dug it in.
 The skies have been fairly blue recently so the soil has warmed up nicely, particularly under my cloches.  The starlings have moved into my roof edge to nest so it must be spring.
 With the broad beans and garlic already in, I decided to move on to other plantings.  I had left space along the edge of the garlic for these seeds - parsley, lettuce and rocket.   They have been in for a week now and are germinating well under the cloche.
 The garlic has come up quickly but I'm leaving it under the cloche for now.
 One of the rhubarb plants is not far off picking.
 Though the plum tree is still very bare...
 ... the early apples are budding well...
 ... the currants and gooseberries are putting out flower buds too.
 In addition to the lettuce, I have also done a first planting of spinach in a small bed next to the rhubarb.  I have planted in a bit of a pattern, with perpetual spinach round the outside, and orange chard in the middle, in a square.  Hope it turns out geometric!
 The robin on my plot is my constant companion while digging, helping himself to the goodies I uncover.  As you can see in this action shot, he does come very close!
I am happy to help as he now has a young family in a nearby shed, curiously his mate has her territory round that shed, while he always comes back to my plot for food.  Here he is among my cut off raspberry canes, I'm looking forward to seeing young robins soon.
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