Friday, 6 March 2015

Spring Approaching

 Spring is finally on the way, though it has still been a chilly week.  The crocuses are coming out when the sun shines.
 The snowdrops, despite a dousing with snow earlier in the week, are also in full bloom.
 When I got to the allotment this very tame robin was sitting in a tree singing hard, a sound to cheer you up despite the cold wind.
 The March allotment looks very dead, nothing growing really.  I was going to take some pictures of the rhubarb which is the only thing growing, but didn't quite get that far, here's why.  I started the fruit pruning, taking down the raspberry canes from last year and moved on to the currents and gooseberries, taking out a few old branches.
 I had got my pruning shears sharpened in the autumn but forgot this and caught my thumb on the cutting blade.  Cue gushing blood and an abrupt end to my pruning and gardening activities.
 Oblivious to my near death experience, the robin carried on singing.  He really didn't care about my pain.  Anyway, the application of pressure and the sucking of the thumb stopped the bleeding in 5 minutes (avoiding the bleeding all over the car problem) and I went home to apply first aid.
So indoor activities for me for a few days.  I have got my potatoes going instead, they had already started into life.  On the left are Cara, on the right Desiree, both of which suit my cold clay soil and voracious slugs.  Correction - to be accurate, they don't suit the slugs as the slugs don't like to eat them, which is rather the point!

Happy spring gardening!
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