Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Gardening Year!

 It's been a very busy year for me which has left me with little time for gardening.  But I did manage to organise some winter blooms.  I have tried hard this year to get my christmas cacti to actually flower at christmas, and two of them are now in full bloom, with one budding as we speak.  Getting the summer rest period right is the key, and what I realised this year was that my plants go into hibernation a bit later than the books say.  When I reawakened them, I kept them on cool windowsills for a while, then moved one to a warmer sill so as to get it budding.  I now have them flowering nicely in sequence.                
 There's nothing better than a splash of bright pink at Christmas.
 I haven't grown hyacinths for a while, but do love their perfume so decided to get some pink ones and some white ones.  They went into the pots at the beginning of October, put outside and covered to keep them dark.  We had a very warm autumn this year which was not helpful as warm and wet = mould.
 Though they did have some mould growing on them, it did not seem to cause any problems.  I brought these pink ones in when they were this high.  Strangely the white ones are well behind despite receiving the same treatment, but that does mean that I will have hyacinths flowering for several weeks which is a good thing.
I love the powerful and natural scent, and at this time of year it is a pleasure to walk into the house and breathe in the hyacinth aroma.

Have a great holiday!
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