Tuesday, 16 September 2014

September Fruits

 A long gap since my last post, mainly due to the fact I mislaid the cable to connect my camera to my computer!  So a catch up on the summer produce.  Here is a basket of Cosmo potatoes, a good crop this year with little damage.  These will keep us going to the end of October, following the Desiree potatoes earlier.
 As beds are emptied, we are clearing and doing preparation for next year.  We have an ample supply of horse manure on the plots, and some years ago I did an experiment with using fresh horse manure on beds and found that as long as it goes on before Christmas, it rots down well and is ready for planting in spring.  Normally you have to rot down manure before using it, but this method saves you that job.
 A bumper year for peas, despite the pigeons having a go at them earlier. They are actually still going, never had peas in September before!
 It has also been a very good year for blackberries, and I now have a quantity in the freezer.
 The apples and other soft fruit got hit by late frosts and so the quantity is down but the quality of fruit is good. Here are the Katy apples.
 The Victoria plums have also produced but not as much as last year, they were also adversely affected by the damp weather in August.
It was very wet in August, I left a tub out in the rain and after a few days discovered a newt swimming around in it!  He must have fallen in by accident one night.  We put some branches and twigs in one corner for him to climb out, and the next day he was gone.