Friday, 2 May 2014

Spring Moving On

 Though we do have frost forecast this weekend, it has been a warm winter and spring and things are much farther ahead than this time last year.  The strawberries have started to flower - I planted a new bed last year so they produced very little, but it looks like we will have a good crop this year.  Strawberries generally need to be replaced every 5 years, so I should have a few more good years with these plants.
 The onions, garlic and broad beans are doing well in the sunny weather we have had lately.
 These are my last narcissi of the year, tiny flowers only a couple of centimetres in diameter but highly scented.  It's a shame they are over so quickly.
 These are rosemary flowers, I left this young bush unpruned last year to develop a good framework of branches and it has rewarded me with lots of tiny flowers.
 My bedroom windowsill has been home to a few tender plants - this dwarf pepper which is destined to stay here all summer.  It is now flowering and doing well despite the fact that a few weeks ago the cat decided to snack on some of its leaves, which is why there are fewer leaves near the bottom of the plant!
 The bedroom window gets a lot of sun in the summer and is effectively a greenhouse, so I have also started some tomatoes here too and will keep a few of them here over summer.  I can open the sash window to allow pollination to take place, and it will be warm and sunny.  I will pot these tomatoes on this week.
On the vegetable plot, the currants and gooseberries are in full flower, and I am planning to start planting veggies in earnest this week once the frosts are over this weekend.  Have a good gardening week!
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