Monday, 14 April 2014

Spring Racing Ahead

 The weather has turned dry if still a little chilly, but it is now time to get the potatoes in.  They've been chitting for several weeks on a cool windowsill.  The shoots are now long enough, though they do vary, even within the same potato variety - the ones above are one third smaller than the ones below, which is strange.  Not seen that before.
 Potato planting is hard work, and my back is now feeling it.  Still, I have lots of lovely potatoes to look forward to later in the year.  I have planted two maincrop varieties - Desiree (red skinned) and Cara.  They are old favourites, blight resistant, slug resistant and they do well in the heavy clay soil here.
 I was heartened to see the Victoria plum tree flowering.  I wasn't sure it would as it had a bumper year last year after the worst year of its life in 2012 when the biblical level deluge damaged it badly.  I wasn't able to prune it in 2012, so had to do it last year but it has responded well and looks healthy.  
 There were several plum trees in flower on the allotments, they are the first fruit to do so every year so they are vulnerable to late frost, but there is no frost forecast and all being well we will be eating plums in July/August.
The apple trees are not ready to flower yet, this Katy apple has its buds ready to go, so perhaps will flower in the next couple of weeks.
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