Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day April 2014

 I don't always post on Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, mostly because I forget but also because I concentrate a lot on vegetables and fruit, but since I have some lovely flowers out just now, I couldn't let the day pass by.  This is a beautiful narcissus which I keep in pots, it has a lovely scent and is just at its best right now.  Being a very bad gardener, I can't remember the name, I probably have it written down somewhere but no idea where.
 Also in pots, some primroses peeking out from among the crocuses and the leaves of the yellow welsh poppy which self-seeds everywhere.
 Another narcissus/daffodil, a white one this time which flowers profusely but has this annoying habit of holding its heads down so you cannot properly see the lovely blooms unless you are on your knees!
The grape hyacinths are nearly finished now, but the red fronds of the peony shoots are coming through, both showing nicely against the black coal hole door behind.  The peony is in the middle, the grape hyacinths around the outside of the pot and this arrangement works really well for both plants, has done for several years now.

Happy garden bloggers bloom day!
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