Monday, 3 March 2014

After the Deluge

 While our rainfall this winter has been above average, it's not been as bad as other areas. But the soil is completely saturated, here you can see the pounding it has received, resulting in puddles leaving smooth soil behind.
 I really don't like to stand on such wet soil, but the parsnips I have been unable to dig because of the wet have started to sprout so they had to come up.
 There were rather more parsnips than expected, here is the pile.  It's vegetable cobbler tomorrow, then mashed parsnips, then roast parsnips....  Tender and True is the variety, they do well for me as long as I sow them at the right time, when the soil is warm and damp, but not wet.
 Here you can see how wet the soil is - this is a boot print, you sink in by 3 cms at every step.  Dreadful.
The soil is too wet and cold to sow yet, so I have put a couple of cloches on one bed to start the warming and drying process so I can get the garlic and broad beans in this month.  This bed is the driest and has the lightest soil of the whole plot, so it should be ready in a couple of weeks.