Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Carrots and Puddles

 At the weekend I went to the plot to dig up the last carrots from 2013.  These carrot are huge and they have stood up to the wet weather well.  They are Autumn King, which is definitely the right carrot for my conditions on wet clay.  Sown and grown entirely under insect mesh until winter to protect from carrot fly, they have been my most successful carrot.
I still have some parsnips in the ground but it is really too wet to get to them at the moment - some of the beds are covered in puddles like this.  I am hoping it might stop raining, but at present I'm just grateful we're not under water completely like so many people in the south of the country.

My seed order has arrive so I'm itching to get out, just need the weather to improve!
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