Friday, 18 October 2013

I have Carrots!

 If you are lucky enough to have fine, sandy soil then you may not appreciate what an achievement it is to grow such big carrots on clay soil in northern climes!  I have spent 10 years trying to grow carrots here and finally I have succeeded.  The secret was (a) forget about early carrots as the soil is too wet and cold and (b) cover them with insect mesh the whole time to keep off the carrot fly. The seed variety I used is Autumn King and I will be growing them again.
 It's been a good year for root crops - I checked the parsnips as well and while this is a small one picked from the edge, they are a good size and length and will keep us going up to Christmas I think.
 I have picked 4 pumpkins too, this was the most orange, the rest are ripening.  We also have 4 marrows.
 Another experiment this year was chilli peppers, which were reasonably successful, one was even trying to turn red but there wasn't enough time before the weather turned for the worse.
And the tomatoes (Totem) did well, some of these are now eaten, the rest are ripening and will be eaten shortly!  A good year indeed.