Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Harvest Time Part 3 - No More Plums, Please!

 A little over a week ago I picked all the victoria plums from the tree you can see here.  Strangely, in the photo it doesn't look like very many, but trust me, it was a lot, our biggest crop ever.
 I didn't weigh the plums, but I estimate the crop at around 40 pounds.  I also picked the Katy apples as the weather was due to turn bad so didn't want them getting blown off.  So what do you do with 40 pounds of plums?  My Mum was away in Canada so I couldn't palm some off on her.
Se there followed a full week of plum processing; by the end of the week I had 12 bottles of plums in syrup (centre of the picture), 12 pounds of jam (left and right), 10 boxes of stewed plums in the freezer and managed to eat a few pounds raw.  Oh, and we had plum sponge/crumble every day, my hands were stained orange, and covered in tiny cuts from slipping knives.  I'm sure I will appreciate this lovely fruit over the winter but right now I am sick of seeing plums!
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