Friday, 6 September 2013

Harvest Time 2013 Part 2

 With the fine weather due to break, I decided to dig up the second potato crop - these are Cosmos.  Just in time, it started to rain 8 hours later and has not stopped raining since, 15 hours later!  There is only one job worse than digging up potatoes - digging up potatoes in waterlogged ground.  24 hours on, my back is still aching.  Of course, I could have got my Other Half to help, if I had wanted sliced and diced potatoes, of course.  :)

The crop is fairly good, with about 8 potatoes per plant.  Some damage due to slugs mainly, with increasing damage on the wetter part of the bed.  But no blight this year due to the good weather, and it's certainly the best potato crop for years.
I also picked the first victoria plums and took the opportunity to prune the tree as well, a bit late but it needed doing as didn't prune it last year due to the wet summer.  The combination of these two things means the branches are less likely to wave about and get damaged in the wet weather now.  There are a few good eating plums in here but many of these are the damaged fruit which I will cook and put in the freezer.  Looks like another good crop this year, I probably left 5 times this quantity on the tree, so lots more to come.
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