Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Vegetable Garden in August 2013

 After a few summers of dreadful weather, I am relishing this year's sunshine.  This is the first crop of beetroot I have managed to grow in 3 years, as they do not like cold and damp soil. These beetroot are the thinnings, taken out to make room for the remaining plants to grow bigger roots.  They were delicious, all gone now!
 I am also optimistic about these carrots which have been sitting under their insect mesh for a couple of months.  I have put in the bigger supports as the plants were touching the top of the mesh.  I did check and there are baby carrots down there!
 It really has been a good year for roots.  These are the parsnips, which have in fact grown even bigger since I took this photo.  I am looking forward to winter parsnips!
 The tomatoes are also doing well, covered in fruit and I have now put them under a cloche to ripen them.  Another 2013 success.
 The apples needed supporting so I have been making my constructions. All the books tell you to stake trees in a particular way, but in my experience the trees make their own decisions about which way to grow.  This tree has lurched to the right and the weight of the apples was bending some branches alarmingly.  The tree looks much better now if a bit strange!
 This tree made a lurch forwards but has stabilised in that position, despite my best efforts to pull it back in the early years.  It just needs some support for a few branches.
 And this one, strangely just has one branch which needs assistance, the rest of the branches being perfectly sturdy.  The support for these trees prevents the wind whipping the branches round and damaging them, as the spot is quite windy at times but with the wind coming from changing directions.
 My chilli plant is also producing its fruit nicely, though it has suffered from what may be slug attacks.  They don't eat the chillies, though!
 I have also dug up the first potatoes - Lady Balfour.  Quite floury at the moment, I'm sure they will firm up in time, I am just digging up plants which look to be finishing or have been slug attacked.  Remarkably little damage on the tubers though.
The peas are also doing OK, though I am not fond of this variety of plant as it is too close to the ground for my liking.  Unfortunately the seed supplier had run out of my normal tall variety so I had to settle for these.  However they are tasty, if a little slow to get going.  Anyway, at least there is lots to eat now in the vegetable garden