Tuesday, 30 July 2013

After the Rain...

 We had several weeks of dry and sunny weather but it has broken down a bit now, alllowing the weeds to spring up and in some cases flower, as in this case.  But we did need a good drenching as the soil had got very dry.
 My first pumpkin has set (Small Sugar) which is almost a record for an early pumpkin, and after such a cold start to the year too!
 I have picked the first marrow, though you can see the weed problem clearly here!  These young marrows have soft skins so can be cooked whole.  I always pick the first few young, then leave the next ones to grow on to maturity and harden off.
 Unfortunately I didn't get to this one soon enough!  I've left it in the hope it will distract the wildlife from eating other plants...
 My tomatoes are looking like they will be a big success this year, with lots of fruit on each plant.  Have been hunting for the variety name, as this plants seems to like the conditions, but have not yet found it.  I must make a note of it for next year.  The rain has really brought the plants on.
 After a few lean years, I am cautiously optimistic that we will also have summer cabbage.  The root fly appears to have been conquered and the plants are growing on well.
 We also have one courgette growing, with others not far behind, but I am disappointed with this variety, called Best of British, which has been poor in germinating and slow to grow.
 I have spent hours picking fruit - last week the whitecurrants, redcurrants and first crop of blackcurrants.  Today it was the last whitecurrants, another crop of blackcurrants and the first green goosberries - the ones from the outside of the plant which have had the most sun.  I fancy some gooseberry jam!
The Broad Beans have done well this year, there are still some on the plants but the bulk are now picked.  And the spinach/chard just keeps on going, we pick it every 2-3 days but it really lives up to its name - Perpetual Spinach!

So now we've had the rain, we could do with more sun.  What do you think of our chances?
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