Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Story of a Shed and a Giant Rabbit

 So today I opened the shed door to find rather more daylight inside the shed than I expected.  Clue: the gap you can see in the shed here is not the door!  We have very gusty winds and part of my plot is a bit exposed to them, so it looks like a particularly ambitious gust found its way in under the door and decided to leave by the side of the shed.  The plastic panels are not particularly hard to refit though I now need to buy a large quantity of adhesive to make the fix final.  At least it's not a greenhouse - someone here a couple of years ago had their entire greenhouse lifted and dropped in bad weather, breaking every single pane of glass!
 Despite the weather, the garlic has emerged, though the broad beans show no sign as yet.  The temperature is a full 10 degrees centigrade warmer than a week ago, so everything is now starting to grow, including the weeds - lots to do now.
 As an example of what the wind can do, here is one of my old cloches.  It was really on its last legs, I put it over the broccoli to protect it from woodpigeons, but it has been completely shredded.
 We got a couple of new cloches this year  - if you live in northern climes on wet, clay soil these are indispensable.  This one is warming up the ground for some summer cabbage, plus I am hoping to do the first sowing of lettuce along the edge.
 The rhubarb is now growing well but it is very late this year, this kind of growth  would be expected in March, not April.
 Likewise the fruit is a long way behind, this is the Katy apple tree and while you can see the buds they are a long way from flowering.
And here are some pathetic leeks I dug up today.  Leeks are not one of my strong points, and with last year's low light levels due to the constant rain, they are rather thin and weedy.  Still, they do taste good anyway, it's just there isn't much substance to them.

Anyway, the allotment was all a-twitter today about a GIANT RABBIT spotted eating the grass on the path near my plot (ok, I made up the bit about it being giant, from all accounts it was an ordinary sized field rabbit).  This is the first rabbit ever seen here and there is much concern.  I hope the rabbit was just passing through on a spring jaunt to somewhere else, because the plot holders seem to have murderous intent...
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