Friday, 12 April 2013

It's Getting Warmer...

 Winter is slowly releasing its grip and spring is approaching, we've had no frost for the last couple of nights and the snow on the hills is finally melting away.
 These grape hyacinths which have been growing in (very) slow motion for weeks, are starting to show some life now.
 The crocuses are very late this year, normally they're over and done by now.
 The first primrose, but this flower illustrates the problem we have been having; if you look carefully you can see it is covered with dust.  We have not had any rain for weeks, despite the snow, and the soil everywhere has dried out.  Add to that the cold arctic wind, we have not only had a dustbowl effect, but...
the combination of the wind and the dryness has damaged the tips of the plants.  I have never had to water plants in April before, most unusual.  The grass in the fields is dead and brown, only now after yesterday's first showers are the green shoots starting to show through, and it is most unusual to see farmers feeding their animals hay in April. Hopefully this is just a small setback and next week's much warmer temperatures will see our gardening year commence in earnest.
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