Monday, 10 September 2012

Some Dry Weather - Finally!

 We've just had some good weather for a change, so it's been full speed ahead on the allotment.  Above is one of this year's potato beds, now those are out I've been weeding and digging over.  More on these beds next time as I have plans for this area...
We did get a few tomatoes, though this year was pretty disastrous for them. These plants are now gone, as well.
 My second sowing of beetroot and carrots has been surprisingly successful.  These were sown under a cloche in early July and are coming on well.  I checked the carrots yesterday and they are filling out a bit so in a few weeks I'll be able to eat the thinnings, which is something to look forward to.  The beetroot are not going to be huge, but they will make satisfactory small globes and I may be able to pickle some.
 The parsnips are also growing on well despite the cold and wet, so we will have a good crop of these this year.
 The apples are late this year - this is Worcester Pearmain which is not ready yet.
 I did manage to pick most of these red Katy apples yesteray, they are smaller than they should be, have a fair bit of scab but actually taste pretty good, which was a nice surprise!  Not a good year for apples, or most fruit really.
 This is one of my problem areas that undoubtedly earns me black marks with the allotment Gestapo and the council.  There are weeds in this bed, but there are also spinach plants which I have allowed to go to seed in the hope I might be able to collect it, plus the artichokes have migrated into here from their bed next door.  This bed should have had courgettes in it but since all but one of them died and I realised what the artichokes were up to, I decided to leave it for this year.  I will need to dig up the artichokes and move them back to where they should be, once I have prepared the soil more to their liking.  I have a number of areas which need major surgery after three wet summers in a row, so this will be a theme of future posts.

 Last week I picked the last of the peas, a very poor crop this year, they don't like monsoon rain.
But here's something to look forward to - the autumn raspberries are doing very well and we could have a good crop if the weather doesn't deteriorate too much.

In other gardening, I finally got round to pruning my rambling rose and planted some autumn pansies.  Still need to tidy up the garlic yet, it's dried out nicely in the house, well out of reach of the mouse which has taken up residence in my kitchen!  I have plans for that mouse, hope to catch it tonight and take it back to where it came from....