Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Mampkin Experiment

 The weather this year has been dreadful all through the seasons, so earlier this year I did a first sowing of marrows and pumpkins using saved seed from last year's crop.  It was so cold and wet I didn't think they would survive and wanted to keep my bought seed for a second sowing.

To my surprise they germinated reasonably well so having given up on having decent weather I decided to use the seedlings, not expecting to get much crop anyway.  They have actually done quite well, and we have now gathered the main crop, as you can see.  What you can also see is that they have hybridised.  The marrow at the top of the picture looks like it has crossed with a courgette, while the one at the bottom looks like it has come true to the original seed variety.
This one is even more interesting - it grew on what looked like a pumpkin plant but appears to be a cross between a marrow and a pumpkin - a Mampkin.  I have a few of these, all pear-shaped fruit.  

All of these taste good, very marrow like.  The Mampkins are more marrow than pumpkin, I think.  An interesting experiment, I will revert to bought seed next year and hope we have a better gardening year so I get proper marrows and pumpkins.

P.S. The mouse living in my kitchen has now been relocated to its true habitat in the woodland outside.  I recommend the humane mouse trap from B&Q (£3.98), it took several nights but eventually the mouse ventured inside and was caught - in compensation it got a hearty meal of peanut butter.  The cat, not interested in actually catching the mouse, woke me up and then sat on the stairs at a safe distance to observe the human mouse catcher at work.  So I took the trap across the river and with two shakes the mouse was out of the box, a quick look up at its captor/host for recent weeks and then scampered off into the undergrowth.  A happy ending for both parties.
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