Friday, 6 July 2012

A brief glimpse of summer...

 My old rose came into bloom this week, it doesn't last long.  I really want to take a cutting of this, it has a lovely scent so I always bring some blooms into the house.  It's now being drenched in the latest monsoon, so I'm glad I did this while I had chance!

 My New Dawn Rose is also flowering, though not as prolifically as last year.  I'm going to make an effort to feed it well this summer and hope it will be better next year.

 I love Nemesia, reliable and prolific flowers whatever the weather, and they have had a lot to cope with this year.
 One flower out on the peony, now being battered by the rain!

 After two summers of monsoon rains, we thought we couldn't have yet another bad summer, but...   Two weeks ago this bed was clear of weeds, but the incessant rain means we can't get out to keep on top of the weeds.
 We've been reduced to emergency gardening in the small gaps between rainstorms, so on Sunday evening we went out at 6pm to transplant the brassicas, which were overdue for moving.  Here's a purple sprouting broccoli plant.  The brown stuff in the picture is well-rotted cat compost (sawdust, cat pee and worm contributions during the composting).  It helps lighten the soil and does deter slugs a bit.
 I've never had it before, but I think some of my tomatoes have root rot from the wet, this one was looking a bit limp, characteristically they go limp in sunshine.  I've now put a large cloche over all the tomatoes in an attempt to keep some of the rain off.  How do you feed tomatoes when they are too wet already?
But the potatoes are quite happy in the rain.  I only use blight-resistant varieties due to our wet climate, they have had some damage from slugs but not much.  They only have to last a few more weeks, even blight-resistant plants can succumb in extreme wet, so I'm crossing fingers that we will have a good crop.

Now it's back to the flood watch, with the river levels up in the last hour I have my trusty flood broom and flood gate at the ready again...

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