Thursday, 7 June 2012

Medieval Construction Methods

 My Other Half likes to construct pea and bean climbing frames, and generally chooses a Heath Robinson approach to building, lots of sticks and twine.  He has surpassed himself with this creation.
He's a history buff, currently completing a PhD, which seems to be taking forever, but I digress...  In the winter he watched too many programmes on medieval cathedral building and so he announced to me that this pea frame is constructed using geometrical patterns, specifically the triangle.  I can just about see that, can you?
Anyway, while he was playing with sticks and string, I got on with the gardening.  Here's an update on my home-grown seeds experiment.  At the bottom of the picture are the marrows, at the top you can just see four pumpkins.  Pretty good germination rate, I think.  My experiment with the cat litter slug repellant has had mixed results - up here I have a zero casualty rate, in the lettuce bed I did lose some plants.  As the weather has now turned wet, I have resorted to slug pellets, you can see them in most of these photos.  Would love not to have to use them but its a straight choice between having vegetables or not.
My tomato plants have settled in well, put on some growth and got flowering in earnest.
The potatoes are growing very fast now.  I sprinkled these with special potato fertiliser before the rain and then earthed them up again.  The other crops got a dusting of seaweed meal fertiliser.
Here are the lettuces, red and green.  I have sowed more in the gaps between the plants now.  These plants were started indoors last month. 
 The soft fruit is coming on well, these redcurrants are swelling nicely, as are the gooseberries. The rain will bring them on now.
 This photo is unfortunately slightly out of focus but the first broad beans have set.
 The strawberries are all flowering now, so I'm looking forward to a bumper crop.
 Here's the new foal (it's not mine!), which went outside for the first time about 10 days ago.
And I couldn't resist taking a photo of this lamb, which has the pinkest, most rabbit-like ears I've seen on a sheep!
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