Sunday, 13 May 2012

Slow Progress

 With a dry day, it was time to get started cutting the grass.  Didn't get much done before the battery gave out, the grass was quite long and the first cut is hard work.  But it's less of a jungle to wade through!
The soft fruits are already set, the apples are next and Katy is blooming well, as are all the apple trees. 
 I'm particularly pleased with this Spartan, which has been in two years now.  Some of the blossoms got a bit frostbitten, as did the potatoes again, but the weather overall is warmer so we can really get going with the vegetables now.  Today I aimed to dig over the bed destined for the parsnips, but it was very wet and heavy, so I modified my plan to dig over half.  Then, when my back started to protest, I decided one-third would be sufficient!
 Here are the broad beans, they've been out from the cloche for a week now and they're coming on well, even if their leaves are a bit frilly at the edges due to the efforts of the pea & bean weevil.  They don't do any real harm so I leave them be.  You may notice that the plants at the back of the bed are shorter than those at the front, it's not just perspective!  There's a hedge on the left which divides me from the next plot and this does block the sun a bit, particularly early in the year.  So the plants which got more of the sun, hence warmer soil and more light have done better.  But they will even up as the sun is now getting round the back too.
This was a nice surpise today - the first Himalayan Poppy has opened, not fully yet but it's getting there.  I put a stake in the pot to stop the stems flopping about too much in the gusty breeze and positioned it right by the door so I can admire it!  It and the oriental poppy are flowering early, it must have been the warm March we had which gave them a boost.  I can guarantee more photos of this beautiful flower will follow!
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