Saturday, 24 March 2012

Potato Day!

With an unusually warm week, to be followed by a return to colder and wetter at the end of next week, it was time to get the potatoes in, as they're just about big enough.  Put it this way, I don't want to be planting them in the rain next weekend.

After several years of failed earlies due to our later and colder springs, this year I decided just to do maincrop.  On the left are Desiree, on the right Cara, both have been trialled and proven to do well.  Of course, now I've ditched earlies it looks like we are on course for a warm spring...
With a very wet winter, we've been unable to clear the beds in advance, so had to tackle them today.  I did, however, manage to manure this bed last autumn as the soil was a bit lacking.  The manure I used seemingly contained a lot of grass seeds, because wherever it went, a luxuriant crop of grass followed!
So the beds were cleared and trenches dug, though Other Half again proved that he cannot dig a trench in a straight line. I do put the potatoes closer together than the experts recommend, I have a small plot and have to make the most of the space but with a wet clay soil, it is usually possible to grow more in the same patch of ground with the help of a little potato fertiliser.
So here are the beds, some dead weeds strewn around, but all in all a good morning's work.
I also managed to weed and manure the rhubarb, better late than never.  I really need to split some of this later in the year.
And here's a wild plum tree on the wasteland at the edge of the allotments.  A rare glimpse of blue sky, hurrah!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Crocus Time!

Crocuses are the harbingers of spring round here, while I do have some myself, the best here are in the local churchyard. 

They're all too brief, only a few days at their peak, but while they last they cheer the soul.