Sunday, 22 January 2012

Plan for 2012

The new year always starts with a new plan for my vegetable gardening.  Here is the 2012 plan, all carefully arranged so the veggies don't go in the same part of the plot until the 4th year.  I used to have a third year rotation, but when I reclaimed some extra land, was able to spread it out a bit.

The big change for this year is in the potatoes; after several years of poor yields with the earlies, I have given up and will just grow maincrop (blight resistant varieties only).  Our springs are definitely cooler and later than they were 10 years ago and our wet soil is taking longer to warm up, so earlies are out.  Having successfully trialled Cara and Desiree last year, we are going to stick with them from now on.

Some minor changes in varieties - changing to a heritage beetroot which is reputed to do well under cover, which is the way I often need to start them.  Also trying Oarsman leek, in my continuing quest to find a leek which will grow big and strong in our heavy soil.  I live in hope...

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