Sunday, 29 January 2012

January Doings

Now the shed is built, it's time to get on with the vegetable plot.  With the appalling weather we have had over recent months, we were unable to prepare many beds before winter.  This one was one of the exceptions - this was weeded in November and so just needed a digging of manure to be ready.  The broad beans will go in here at the end of February, so I have put a cloche on it to dry it a little and warm the soil.  Four weeks under here should help the soil somewhat.
 This was the parsnip bed last year, one of the many crops which failed to grow in our bad summer.  I pulled up the few measly vegetables which survived and gave this a quick dig over.  At the moment, I'm trying not to stand on the soil as it is so very wet - this bed is a little drier than some of the others, but you can clearly see the clods of wet soil.  As we are in for a spell of cold, dry weather, the frost will get at this soil and break it down a bit.
And this is my sparse vegetable haul for the month of January.  At the top we have the few leeks I could find among the weeds, rather tiny things but they were nice in a stir fry!  Next to them are some tiny parsnips, at the bottom of the picture is the first pickings of artichokes, these are the ones which were making a bid for freedom into the bed next door.  I would normally have been eating these for a while by now, but digging saturated soil in the rain is not my favourite activity!

Anyway, I feel better having made a start.  I'm hoping to get the winter fruit pruning done this week while it's cold and dry.
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