Monday, 3 October 2011

What a Topsy Turvy Year!

It's been a strange year, warm weather in April and now a summer in early October, very strange and the plants are very confused.  But this was a nice surprise for me - autumn crocuses in full flow.  I bought some about 10 years ago, stuck them in a pot and they were good the first year.  After that they didn't do much and I forgot all about them, keeping them because they happened to be in a pot which a nice aquilegia made a home in.  It seems they have made a comeback!

In the vegetable garden, the remaining apples are coming on.  This is Blenheim Orange, a large dual purpose cooker/eater.    I think the "orange" in its name may have something to do with the colouration you can see on these apples, on the sunny side of the tree.  As they ripen they turn a glorious shade of orange.
While the vegetables have been fairly dismal this year, we are still getting crops of courgettes, tomatoes and runner beans.
And these are the Spartan apples, like the Blenheim Orange the first substantial crop for this tree.  You might think that these look ripe, but in fact they have a few weeks to go.  Spartan turn a shade of purple when ripe and should be ready later this month. 

Sorry about the delay in posting, it's the busiest time of year for me in the shop plus my laptop is slowly dying and now refuses to import photos from the camera.  I'm in the market for a cheap tablet, if anyone's got any ideas?