Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Small but perfectly formed...

Here's my dwarf chilli plant, with its three fruits. This was an experiment; the plant sat on the sunny windowsill of my bedroom, the warmest place in the house. Given that this summer consisted of temperatures which rarely reached the dizzying heights of 19C (66F), it could have been warmer and then maybe it might have done a little better. Still, for a trial, this is a good result. To the right of it you can almost see the basil, which I bought as seedlings and potted up in a large bulb pot. This has also been very good, producing leaves over several months, so I think I'll be repeating these next year.
But here's another experiment which didn't do so well. This pot, and several others like it, contained Lobelia Cardinalis Queen Victoria. It now contains a dandelion as it turns out that snails and slugs are very, very fond of this plant and despite my best efforts, they gradually stripped every leaf and then stalk back to the ground. So this plant is a no-no for my climate, sadly.
But I still have some flowers - this is Rudbeckia Goldsturm, a little nibbled by the slugs and snails which have thrived in our cold, very cold summer.
And the nemesia and geraniums are still going strong. I can't recommend nemesia highly enough for being trouble-free, flowering for months and providing a good splash of colour around the house.

I lit my first coal fire in the house a couple of weeks ago, autumn is already here, so the plants are slowing down now and another cold winter beckons. Lots of jobs still to do in the garden, I have finally done the summer pruning of the fruit trees and cut down the old raspberry canes, but we still have some more raspberries to come yet, along with all the apples. I also did my first picking of plums this weekend, in the rain as it turned out! Hope to get out between the showers later in the week. I really don't fancy picking fruit and vegetables in the pouring rain again.

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