Saturday, 13 August 2011

Crime Scene Photo

Well, that got you interested didn't it? While the criminal classes were rioting 25 miles away, though happily many have already been locked up (the police "Shop a Looter" campaign is going well), I had my own crime to detect. I reached into the chest in my shed where I keep nets and potato sacks, as I had need of the said sacks. This is what I found. Despite there being only a tiny gap under the chest lid, apparently it was big enough for a woodmouse to hop in there and make its home in the winter, chewing up the hessian to make a cosy bed. I think I need some new sacks...
Once again, we have had monsoon rain. So bad, in fact, that for the first time ever I put my cucurbits under cloches in an attempt to prevent the flowers and thus the fruit rotting off in the wet, having already lost some courgettes and pumpkins. It was a good idea, the first pumpkin has now survived and the courgettes are looking good. So is the grass, as you can see from the photo.
The tomatoes are doing surprisingly well, despite the rain.
The plum tree needed a bit more support and many of the branches are bending in an alarming manner, but are holding firm. Not long now and the fruit will be ready.
The apples are also coming along, but later than normal, probably two weeks or so late.
The cabbages are loving the rain though.
Today I finally got my leeks transplanted, into the traditional deep holes. Many were unfortunately gobbled up by the slugs and snails, so survivors are few.
And with the appalling weather a number of them are ridiculously small, so these runts are planted as a group for early picking. They'll never get very big, just to spring onion size. Still, they will be useful anyway.
But we've also picked the first marrow, which is a welcome addition to our vegetable table. We have a few more dry days forecast, so I am hoping to get some gardening done this week, but really this year has been a major struggle with the weather. I've never had to cover plants in August, crazy. Hope it's going better where you are.

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