Thursday, 7 July 2011

Some July Flowers in Containers

My New Dawn rose is just at its peak, it's been putting out flowers for weeks but at the moment it's prolific. The flowers seem a little bigger this year than before, a stunning sight. As a reminder, this grows in a ridiculously small amount of soil on a paving slab.
My yellow floribunda rose is also in full flow, this is it's second year.
I've underplanted it with pink busy lizzies, an unconventional colour combination but certainly bright! To the left you can just see a newly planted pot.
These are the lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria, which I sowed earlier this year. I potted them on and they were finally big enough to go outside last week. I planted them deep in this container as they have very tall flower spikes, and I don't want them to get too battered by the wind. I have several pots of these, not sure if they will flower this year, but I'm hoping.
My white pelargoniums are all coming into flower, on this one you can see the influence of its pink ancestor, with lots of the flowers starting off a pale pink before brightening to white.
And I have a number of nemesia. I love these little flowers, and hope to get some better photos once they've got going, but it's taken them ages to get big enough to plant out, with the cold weather. They're varied in colour, this is a lovely red one.

Not much time for gardening this week, very busy with work, but I do hope to get more done this weekend.
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