Friday, 15 July 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day July 2011

At this time of year the flowers in my beds are finished, and are resting under the shade of the trees, so attention switches to the pots around the house. My summer plants are just starting, they've been slow due to the cold spring/early summers, but we're finally making progress.
My New Dawn Rose has been magnificent this year and is a talking point for people who walk by. The blooms have been unusually large and I have tried to figure out why. There's no smoking gun, but I'm, wondering if the warm/cold/warm/cold (you get the picture) weather is responsible. It slowed the plant down so I think it spent longer developing the blooms than normal when temperatures rise consistently. Well, that's my theory anyway!
These pelargoniums are doing well; I grew them from cuttings taken in early March. Easy to do, these plants will overwinter in the house, then I'll repeat the process. If you've never taken cuttings before, these are a good place to start.
I love nemesia, but these have been very slow to get started due to the cold weather. They're now starting to flower and will continue through the summer.
Still small, but they provide a welcome spash of colour round the house.
This is my favourite flower at the moment, a delphinium which is a new plant this year. Next year it should have more blooms, but I'm enjoying the few it has, plus the novelty of seeing this plant round here. You don't see many delphiniums in this part of the world due to our high slug and snail population, they eat them voraciously. So this is in a pot armoured with copper tape to prevent the critters munching on it.

Apologies for the gap in posting, I've been busy with work and all my spare time has been spent picking fruit on the allotment! The glut is still with us, but will post pics of the vegetable garden soon.
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