Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Can you guess what this is?

So there I was, ambling along the path heading to the post office when I spied a dark mammal on the edge of the path ahead. Couldn't think what it was, a bit large for a shrew, possibly a vole, but quite a mystery. I walked up to where I'd seen it, but it had disappeared into the long grass, and I couldn't find it. Mysteriously, lots of the grass by the side of the path had been flattened by something. Curious.
So I was rather pleased when I came back to find it was still around, a little further on, and I crept up to get a closer look. As it turned out, I didn't need to creep as it was completely unconcerned by my presence. Do you know what it is yet? (for British readers, you should read that sentence in a Rolf Harris accent)
Handily I had my camera with me so was able to snap these pictures, but it was difficult to get a good look as it spent most of its time with its head buried in the grass, munching on what it could find in the soil. Got it yet?
Well, this photo is the clincher. You can clearly see its spade-shaped front paws. It's a mole! I've never seen one except on TV, so it was fascinating to watch it dig around the roots of the grass for its lunch. It had clearly been moving along the path all day, and was intent on continuing. I did try to get a picture of its snout, but it had its face buried in the grass most of the time. So if you've never seen one before, now you know; dark grey, short tail, bigger than a vole and with its face buried in the soil at all times. I watched it for a few more minutes then left it in peace.
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