Saturday, 28 May 2011

Return to Winter

One month ago I was wearing short sleeves and enoying the sunshine, now I'm back in warm sweaters and keeping out of the wind. This week has been wet, cold and incredibly windy, so everything on the allotment has slowed down. These cabbage seedlings are barely bigger than two weeks ago.
The courgettes I got in last week have been nibbled by slugs which were equally keen to get out of the cold wind and snuck in under the cloche. Fortunately the damage isn't too bad, they'll recover well. Funnily, the slugs didn't seem to like the marrows, which they've left well alone.
And despite flowering early, the strawberries are slow to come on as we've seen little sun this week.
But the raspberries are alive with bees pollinating the flowers and we have a large crop of raspberries set now.
And the potatoes seem to like all the rain, they're growing on well. With the forecast for the next couple of days wet and windy, it will be a while before I get out again. Let's hope it warms up soon.
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