Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hurrah! Sun!

After a full 48 hours of continuous rain, we finally got a 7 full hours of dry, with a bit of sun peeking through. Lovely, but I now have masses of work to do, grass to cut, weeds to pull and there is more rain forecast, though thankfully not as much. One job which is now finished for this year is the manure heap. Throughout the winter local horseowners dump their manure (above) at the allotments from time to time, and I use it to create my own manure pile for use the following year. The beans and cucurbits love it, when it's well rotted there's nothing better. The heap above will be the last load until autumn, and I really can't get any more on my own pile so I've covered it with corrugated plastic and will leave it to rot down over the summer.
Speaking of cucurbits, here are the seedlings in the shed. At the back are the courgettes, middle the marrows and in the foreground are the pumpkins, or they would be if they had germinated. Only two out of five have made it this far, so if they're still a no-show at the weekend I'll replant with the spare seed I saved from last year. Disappointing - usually they germinate well, but not this year for some reason.
This is a climbing french bean I bought at the garden centre last week, I've never grown these before so it's an experiment. I was hoping to get it in the plot last weekend but it was too cold, so I kept it on the windowsill. When it arrived it was still small, but it has grown very quickly. I found a couple of sticks to give it something to go at, but on one side it has outgrown that stick so I had to attach another one with a plant tie. It's now half way up that one, let's hope I get it in the ground in the next couple of days before it starts climbing out the window!
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