Thursday, 7 April 2011

Flowering Blackcurrant - Again

The most popular post on this blog is the Flowering Blackcurrant from 2009. Looking at that photo now, I think I can do better, so here is an updated picture, taken this morning. Rather better, I think, I tried to find a flower where most of the blooms were open. It is a lovely bush and, as you can see, is covered with blooms. Difficult to get a photo of the whole plant today as it's quite breezy, but I'll try to get one later in the week.
So spring is here; these willow catkins are getting along well, the first swallows have arrived and today I saw (and heard!) my first willow warblers of the year. They've just arrived from Africa and the first few will be followed by many more - we have a good population of these birds round here. Have a look at the link and listen to their song, it's the song of summer for me.
Here are a couple of daffodils from my garden, very pale ones with orange centres. Looking at my photo library, it seems these are out almost 3 weeks earlier than last year. We did have a late spring last year, but spring is a little earlier than it was in 2009 too.
And here are my grape hyacinths, in full flow, with the red stalks of the peony behind.
These narcissi are also blooming three weeks earlier than last year. This means I really must get going in the vegetable gardening, lots to do there, so I hope to post later in the week. Enjoy the spring sunshine!
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