Thursday, 31 March 2011

End of March in the Vegetable Garden

Here's a turn up for the books - straight potato trenches. Usually my potato rows wriggle their way across the ground like worms, but for some reason this year they're rather straight and evenly spaced. No idea how I managed this. You may notice there are weeds along the edge. I take a live-and-let-live approach to weeding, only bothering when they're affecting my plants or harbouring too many slugs. Digging potato trenches is hard enough, I really couldn't be bothered getting every weed out too!
Here's a nice weed-free plot though, the garlic is growing well. I hope to be putting some lettuce in this bed next to the garlic soon, the soil here is really good now, light and full of organic matter.
Here are the blackcurrant buds, just ready to open. I'm hoping for a good crop of blackcurrants again this year and they're often one of the first fruits to flower.
The rhubarb is romping away now, I'm looking forward to tucking into this in due course.
And last year's leeks are still going, giving early spring vegetables which are welcome at this time of year.
At home, the seedlings have moved to the cooler windowsill to grow on. The lettuce are on the right; on the left are the spring onions and the geranium cuttings. I think it may be time to take the plastic bag off the geraniums now, they should have little roots and be able to cope with "breathing" normally.
I potted up the herbs too; the parsley at the back has already contributed to a salad, the coriander at the front was a slightly sickly plant due to the really crappy compost the garden centre had used. It was the kind that turns into cardboard if it dries out even a little bit, but it's picking up now it's repotted. I moved all the basil seedlings into a large, shallow pot as they'll never go outside but will sit on this windowsill in the sun for the summer.
And finally, I started my Lobelia Cardinalis Queen Victoria. I was astonished to read that germination for this plant can take, and I quote, "1 to 6 months". Months? What on earth do these seeds do, just sit around, saying "Shall we get going then?" "No, don't like the look of the weather today, let's not bother." How can a seed take that long? Anyway, I sealed them into a plastic bag as per the instructions and I'm hoping that they might grow at some point this year.

The weather's a little bit changeable at the moment, but I'm hoping to get out this weekend for some gardening, if the rain holds off for a while.
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