Sunday, 27 February 2011

Another Rainy Sunday

This morning I was ready to get out and put the broad beans in, but once again it was raining, so I went off to the garden centre instead.

This week I finally planned out my sowing and jobs for the spring on my calendar, sorted through my seeds and discovered three things: (a) I had forgotten to order leek seeds, (b) I needed to get the broad beans this weekend in and (c) there is a hell of a lot to do right now!

So here are my purchases: at the back a couple of perennials - oriental poppy and delphinium, small plants to grow on. I only bought one delphinium because it will need protection from my large snail population, as may the poppy. So it's a bit of an experiment. I also bought another rosemary, to add to my herb collection. Other herbs - curly leaved parsley, coriander, caraway and basil seedlings. These are for inside the house until my outdoor ones are sown, though I can't grow basil outdoors here so these seedlings will grow on and then be transplanted into something bigger later. The caraway will go outside. I also got some dwarf sweet pea seedlings, which should be nice later in the spring.
My list of jobs on the allotment includes dosing the fruit trees and bushes with potash - I hope to be doing that this week. I also got some ammonia for the cabbages and at the front are two leek seed packets - one early and one late cropping.

As you may know from my previous post, I hate washing pots, but my purchase of these shiny new things had nothing to do with that, honest! I got two solid trays, each of which will hold two of the small seed trays or 5 of the modular trays in the picture, along with two propagator lids. I find the trays with my propagators too big for some sowings, so these will be much better, they will also do well with the geranium cuttings I plan to take soon. Along with a big bag of compost, I'm ready to get started!

UPDATE: I managed to get the broad beans in Monday lunchtime, despite the bitter cold - still at least it's a change from rain...

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