Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My Least Favourite Job

In a few weeks the new growing season will get going with a vengeance. So I really need to be getting ready and this means I have to tackle my Least Favourite Job.

I've no idea why I have such a phobia of it, it's important in order to grow healthy plants, but I really, really hate washing plant pots. Stupid, but there you have it - somehow I think there is always something better to do than this. Here's a sample collection of some pots I finally got around to this week - they've been creating an obstruction in the kitchen for a couple of weeks as the only way I can force myself to do it is to trip over them regularly.

I've now washed the plant pots left in the house, but still need to pick up the propagators and seed trays from the allotment and give them a do. How many more days for that?

So what's your least favourite gardening job?
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