Friday, 18 February 2011

For Mal

I thought I would just post this picture, following a little discussion on Mal's excellent allotment blog. He points out, quite rightly, that a lot of people who grow vegetables also make their own bread. So here's a picture of jerusalem artichoke soup and my small (1 lb) loaf, made of 4 parts organic white flour (which I bought in a 25 kilo sack) to 2 parts wholemeal spelt with some whole spelt grains thrown in for good measure. Delicious.

In the news yesterday there was mention that over 50% of the commercial purple sprouting broccoli crop has been wiped out by the winter weather. This makes me feel a lot better - as an amateur, you always think you've done something wrong, but the commercial growers have had a hard time too. For me, it is a disappointment but I feel for the farmers who have lost a lot of income as a result. It's soul destroying to look at rotting crops in the fields, let's hope we have an easier winter next time round.
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