Saturday, 15 January 2011

First seed delivery of the year

No gardening this week, first we had more snow, now lots of rain so I can't do much outside. Instead, it was time to peruse my first seed deliveries of the year. My first small packet was a collection of three carrot fly resistant varieties of carrots to cover the whole growing season, some spring onions and the red lobelia which I discovered back in September and just have to grow this year. This batch of seed came from Thompson & Morgan, plus some garlic bulbs which arrived this morning.
Most of my seeds come from Chase Organics, including the seed potatoes as you can see above. The potatoes will stay in their box in the cool hall for a couple more weeks before I start to chit them. The seeds are sitting in the kitchen now - my next job is to draft my sowing and planting calendar for the year - I never stick to it but it does give me something to aim at.

I also got a plastic sieve - it's supposed to be for soil, but my Other Half plans to use it to sieve the weeds, extracting as much soil as possible and leaving it weed free with minimum effort on his part. A rather good idea I think.
And finally I had a surprise. Last week my boiler broke down and I had no hot water. So I called out "the man" and took the opportunity to clear out the boiler cupboard thingy and give it a good spring clean. It seems that last year I grew some hyacinths, then when they had finished put them in the boiler cupboard for some unknown reason. I discovered that despite being in bone dry compost in a warm place, they had started to grow again - they soon stopped due to the dryness and lack of light. I have no idea if they will flower, but I've been watering them and they're now good and green. Plants really are amazing things.

By the way, boiler fixed and hot water now on tap again, thankfully!
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