Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rain Stops Play

Torrential rain again today, so no chance to get out. Instead, here's what I've been doing during this week. First, I split the Rudbeckia (shown split above), taking it out of its pot and cutting it down the middle. Each half has a pot to itself now and I hope to have lots of flowers next year.
Then I brought in my white pelargoniums, taking them out of the large outdoor pots and putting them into smaller indoor pots, taking care to ensure there were no slugs or worms in the compost! Here are two of them - I have four plants which are now adorning my windowsills.
I also split an outdoor geranium - Russel Pritchard. I bought this plant years ago, put it in my garden and then gave a bit to my Mum. A year later, my plant gave up the ghost. So now I've taken a bit back!
And here's a picture from what we did yesterday - went to see the birds at Marshside RSPB reserve in Southport. A flock of hundreds of pink-footed geese flew over our heads, travelling the short distance from the saltmarsh to the pools and safety of the reserve. Last year we were lucky enough to catch a skein of these geese flying in from Iceland; there are many thousands of these pretty birds here in Lancashire every winter. When they're on the saltmarsh, all you can see is a few heads poking out of the vegetation, like submarine periscopes, on the watch for predators. Very amusing, but an impressive sight as they fly over your head in huge flocks.

We also caught a glimpse of what we think was a visitor from America - a pectoral sandpiper which got blown across the Atlantic and turned up at Southport a couple of weeks ago. Let's hope that after a diet of Lancashire worms, he can find his way home in the spring!
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