Monday, 20 September 2010

Seeds and Other Autumn Things

It's been hard to get out in the garden due to the strong winds and incessant rain. So I have done a few indoor things - firstly the parsnip seeds. These came from a couple of parsnips which I inadvertently left in the ground last winter - there are always one or two which escape. So as the seed heads matures, I cut them and put them in the shed to dry off, and finally brought them in last week.
Ten minutes of stripping them from the vegetation, and here we have a good collection of parsnip seed for spring. I generally find it germinates quite well, but I will get a commercial packet of seed to bulk up the numbers.
Meanwhile, the pumpkins are continuing their bid for freedom, this one is climbing the plum tree.
But the vegetation on the pumpkins is now dying back and I can see the fruit - ten in total, four in this picture (two yellow, two green). I'll leave them out a bit longer to ripen more.
One of the supports from the Worcester Pearmain apple tree snapped in the wind so I've had to prop it up.
This week, if it ever stops raining, I'll pick all the small beetroot for pickling.
And this afternoon I put away the sage and mint leaves I dried over the summer.

I finally got around to repairing the shed this week, with the help of a neighbour who volunteered. In the process we discovered that the shed is dead,with rot setting in at the base of two sides. So that's another project for next year, not to mention expense. Still, it's survived ten years in the soggy northwest, which is pretty good. Thinking of a plastic storage shed next - anyone got any recommendations?

Anyway, I have removed the snails which had moved into the shed, and the mice shouldn't be able to get in either, so mission accomplished for now.
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