Monday, 13 September 2010


Mid-September and the leaves are turning, the weeds are still growing (unfortunately) and the rain is making a rather too frequent appearance. This means time in the vegetable plot is rather limited. I have a hole in the back of the shed that needs fixing, the strawberries have disappeared under the weeds and the pumpkins are trying to escape onto the plot next door, but the only thing I can actually do is pick produce. So last week I picked the last of the Victoria plums - a small crop this year, I suspect the tree may turn out to produce mostly biennially.
The runner beans are now doing well, too well for my taste. I'm not a huge fan of these things, but Mum is, so I grow them mainly for her. Mine tend to end up in soups.
And I picked the Katy apples - again not as big a crop as last year, but the dry spring led to a severe June drop and indeed apples continued to fall off through the season. Still, enough apples to keep us going for several weeks!

And as you can see from the photo, the courgettes are still going - they're not growing as long as they were, instead they're growing short and fat. Has anyone else seen this phenomenon?

There are plenty of cabbages too, all a good size for small cabbages. And there is lots to look forward too - pumpkins, chard, parsnips, sprouts and broccoli, not to mention more apples and raspberries. Let's hope we have a few days without rain.
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