Friday, 3 September 2010

Edenfield Flower Festival

Today we went to the Edenfield Flower Festival. It's held in the parish church, this is an old picture which shows the building quite well. If you think that the tower is leaning, you're quite right - it's about 2 feet off, and is the only part of the earlier church built in 1540 which survives. The rest was built in 1778. Interestingly, when they were working on renovating the panelling and pews inside recently, they discovered subsidence in the stone floor and there will be an archaeological dig here soon to look at the earlier churches, one of which was allegedly built in wood.
This was my favourite - a marble font with a lovely flower arrangement in top.
The village school submitted some vegetables and sunflowers they had grown - rather impressive!
Here is the inside - it surprised me by being smaller than I expected based on the outside. Potted chrysanthemums in the centre. The balcony (not common in an Anglican church) was added in the 19th century.
One of the strange things is you cannot access the balcony from inside the church but have to go outside and in another door, by which is this lovely hydrangea, in full flow.
And every village in Lancashire has its cricket club - here is their window.
Away from the church, I thought I would share a bit of this planting. The local authority experimented one year with wildflower/mixed seed planting in one of the large grass verges. They cut a large, wavy bed out of the grass and scattered seed there. Everyone loved it, so they've done a few more now, and this is a small section of one of them. A great idea, cheap and cheerful.
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